Jelena Radulovic

Jelena is a co-founder of Alba Partners. She formerly was CEO of Ekonomist Media Group (EMG). EMG is the owner of Ekonomist, Serbia’s economic weekly magazine and organizer of forums for senior executives from Serbia and the region.

Previously, she was a partner at Altis Capital and worked at CES Mecon, Belgrade based corporate finance firms. Jelena also served as communications advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia (2001-2003) and to the Serbian Minister of Economy and Privatization (2003-2004). She worked on a number of transactions including the sale of the Serbian tobacco industry to Phillip Morris and BAT, Serbian oil firm Beopetrol to Lukoil, steel company Sartid to US Steel. Jelena started her career at Bloomberg News, where she worked as a reporter.

She received her B. Sc in Mathematics from the University of Belgrade.

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